Meet The Beekeepers

Saltwater Honey

Meet The Beekeepers

Hi, we're your local beekeepers - Debbie and Warwick.

After raising six kids on the sunny Central Coast, we're now raising bees - millions of them! After trying retirement for about five minutes, we started beekeeping in 2016 with a few rooftop hives near the ocean. Now we have close to 100 hives, each one with its own name, own story and own flavour.

Every drop of our honey comes from our local hives and is extracted raw without heat processing and is finely filtered with each jar filled to the brim by us. So from the tree tops to the table just got a whole lot closer! We love discovering the seasonal flavours that our bees make for us across the local region and after tasting our honey we hope you'll love it just as much as we do.

When we’re not harvesting honey, you can find us chasing swarms across the coast - which often leads us high up in the trees to save the bees. If you see a swarm, give us a call and we'll give them a home.

When you buy from a local business you're not only supporting a family, but also a dream - and in this case, your local environment as well! Thank you for choosing Saltwater Honey.

Stay sweet!

Debbie and Warwick