Saltwater Honey
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Runny Honey

Runny Honey
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Smooth, runny honey straight from the hive to you. Nothing added, nothing changed - just the way the bees make it. If you love a drizzle of honey on your morning weetbix, this is the choice for you.

Our honey is 100% raw and local, with distinct flavours from the Central Coast’s current blooms. Local honey naturally contains nectar and traces pollen which, when consumed regularly, can significantly reduce symptoms of hayfever and seasonal allergies.

Part of the beauty of natural honey is that flavour will vary from harvest to harvest. We leave our honey unheated to preserve the natural goodness in each bite. Because of this, natural crystals may occur in raw honey and may cause runny honey to become beautifully candied, especially in the cooler months. This is a natural process and is not a flaw.

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